A novel web app designed to allow for accurate hearing testing without professional equipment



The second product in the Digiscreener series of applications, DigiBel is the sister application to the DigiVis visual testing application. Designed during the Coronavirus pandemic to provide a cost-effective solution to test hearing thresholds in non-clinical settings such as schools and residential care settings, all that is required is an Apple iPad and a pair of approved headphones.

The software comprises of two tests: a quick screening test that checks the patient can hear different frequency tones at the average hearing threshold, and a longer threshold test that accurately finds the patient's threshold using a staircase algorithm, providing a useful middle ground to allow stakeholders such a nurses and parents to identify any decline in hearing performance and where necessary seek the advice of an audiologist to perform a more in depth evaluation.

The test is designed to allow people with little-to-no training to perform and administer the test, featuring a child’s mode with rewards for progress throughout the test, a clean and intuitive UI and built in button-mashing detection and background noise level detection to provide result assurance.

DigiBel successfully demonstrated conformity to gain status as a CE-marked Class I medical device, with development being conducted and maintained according to the IEC 62304 standard.