A utility for flight simulation pilots, allowing quick and easy access to navigation charts


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ChartFox was created to assist flight simulator pilots with finding and using aviation charts for educational purposes. Flight simulation is a large industry, and with “networks” such as VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge, it is becoming even easier for people to learn some of the skills of aviation in a simulated setting.

Something that has always been difficult, however, has been access to resources. For most flights, one of the most important steps in preparation and execution is using a navigation chart. These document procedures and ground layouts at airports across the world, and provide vital information to the pilots.

Each country has it's own way of doing things, and so naturally the process of finding up-to-date charts is very cumbersome.

ChartFox solves these issues, by providing a one-stop shop for aviation charts for this purpose. It collates the charts from various AIPs (Aeronautical Information Publication) across the globe, and provides users with a clean, easy to use interface to view them in.