1st RFB

1st RFB is an online gaming group, who needed a central hub for user management and to promote activities


LaravelSteam API

As part of a revival of 1st RFB, we were brought in to deliver a new and refreshed website to provide a central hub for members of the group to get involved with the group.

Commonly, gaming groups stick with off-the-self community forums or bland gaming-specific services such as Enjin to provide an online provision for their members. Although this might be a quick solution, it often provides poor user experiences, and a product that is not specific to the needs of the community who use it.

As such, we were approached by the management of the group, with a brief of creating a fresh, modern and responsive web solution to act as the central hub for the group, including member management, event management and social aspects such as a community forum.

The website comprises of a custom-built frontend for group members to be able to explore and RSVP for events, and a comprehensive backend system to allow the managing of the member's “ranks” in the virtual military structure of 1st RFB. This system was also interfaced with the SquadXML system to allow these ranks to be replicated automatically in game.

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