Craftbox 2.0

We were tasked with making a website for a thriving minecraft community. Craftbox is undergoing a whole ‘re-boot’ of their server, with a brand new map, set of plugins and players.

CraftBox is a minecraft community, based around their 24/7 server. In order to retain users and provide a greater community feal outside of the game, they needed a website that allowed them and their members to stay in touch.


  • Public Member List
  • Server-Side Member Verification for registration
  • Minecraft ‘avatars’ to represent the member
  • Integrated Forum Solution
  • Generic Permission System for Admin and Moderators
  • Full integrated minecraft-to-web webstore.

API and Bukkit Server integration

In order to verify that a user was a member, we created a Bukkit plugin that uses a web-based API to verify users rank in-game and allow access to registration.