Cobalt Weather

Cobalt Weather is an advanced aviation weather app currently in its public alpha release on the Google Play store. It allows pilots, aviation enthusiasts and the general public to easily read and decode the sometimes complex aviation METARs.

A METAR is essentially the weather information¬†as seen/experienced¬†at a certain airport at a certain time. All major airports and many regional airports employ METAR’s to get weather information to pilots quickly. However, METARs do take time to learn, and sometimes you just want to know what the weather is, without having to remember what code is which.

Cobalt Weather allows access to up-to-date METARs for most, if not all, airports that have METARs. It decodes the METAR string into an easy-to-read human-friendly format. It also allows for changing of the units in the METAR to suit preferences.


In future releases, as the app is improved, TAFs (predictions of future weather) will also become available.


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